M. tuberculosis blasto

News from the Pepperell Lab

August 2019

Dr. Pepperell presents a talk at Wednesday Nite @ The Lab entitled "A case study of bacterial pathogen emergence: Staphylococcus saprophyticus."

November 2018

Bactoberfest 2018 Winner

October 2017

Bactoberfest 2017 Winner

September 2017

Dr. Pepperell presents a talk at ASU entitled "Evolutionary perspectives on tuberculosis."

April 2017

Dr. Pepperell presents a talk entitled "Diagnosing an 800-Year-Old Infection Using Bacterial Fossils.”

Grand Rounds: SCIENCE NOW-Research Updates from Dr. Vincent Cryns and Dr. Caitlin Pepperell

May 2017

Dr. Tatum Mortimer defense and graduation

Dr. Mortimer is now a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


May 2017

Dr. Mary O'Neil defense and graduation

Dr. O'Neil is now a postdoctoral research fellow at Institut Pasteur.


October 2016

Bactoberfest 2016 Winner

July 2016

Was Tuberculosis born out of fire? Dr. Pepperell shares her thoughts on this interesting hypothesis. Click here to read the full article.

July 2016

With Ryan's experienced croqueting and Jesse's hidden golfing talent, the dynamic duo triumphed through the lawn at the Pepperell Lab annual croquet party.

May 2016

Congratulations to our graduating students!

Alex Weber
BS Genetics, Statistics
Next: Biostatistics Doctoral Program, University of Michigan

Hailey Bussan
BS Microbiology, Global Health Certificate
Next: Research Technician, David O'Connor Lab, UW-Madison

February 2016

Pepperell Lab on Ice!
Madison Curling Club

October 2015

Pepperell Lab plays the Game of Thrones!
Bactoberfest 2015 Winner

March 2015

"We smell creativity."
-Mad Pep Lab